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  • There is a limited capacity of seating in each seating space, we reserve the right to assign seating accordingly. All requests are subject to availability.
  • The seating capacity of each area is limited per reservation, so if you need additional seating beyond the stated capacity (including children’s headcount), please let us know in advance. Your revised reservation will be subject to availability or other areas will be offered based on your revised party. Minimum spend is determined by the number of seating/s you will be required to reserve.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • No party floats or pool games allowed.
  • No running or rough play.
  • No jumping into the pool.
  • Pool access for children will be closed after 5PM.
  • Bottles and glasswares are strictly not allowed, you may approach our team to replace them with polyware glasses.

The pool is shared by all diners. We want all of our diners to have a safe and enjoyable time by the pool without being disturbed. If you choose to not comply with the above rules, we reserve the right to deny you the use of the pool.

  • We strictly prohibit the consumption of outside food and beverages on our premises. There are plenty of options available to you and we trust that we are able to meet the preferences or dietary restrictions you may have.
  • The only pet-friendly seating is by the Beach Cabanas & Picnic Tables.
  • It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their pets. There is no responsibility on our part for any damages, injuries, or distress caused to pets.
  • To ensure everyone’s safety, pets must be leashed at all times and kept off the furniture of the venue.
    • We hope you enjoy the music we play at FOC by the Beach. Please refrain from using your own speakers or playing loud music from your phone.

      • No balloons or any decorations that requires adhesive pasting are allowed.
        • All strollers will be kept outside of the dining area (except in case of an infant)

        • No decorations that requires adhesive pasting or balloons are allowed.

        • When dining at the restaurant, all guests should be dressed in dry clothing (after swimming in the pool, please dry yourself before returning to the restaurant).
        • Guests must be fully dressed. The restaurant does not allow swimwear.